From Green Energy to Cybersecurity, Citi Names Unstoppable Trends


From green energy to equal access to education and technology, investors can find opportunities to make money through these unstoppable trends, says Citi. Alternative and green energy are very productive right now where global trends are concerned, said Ken Peng, head of investment strategy for AsiaPacific at Citi Private Bank, during a virtual media briefing on Wednesday.

Governments from around the world from China to Europe to US are focusing on sustainable development and they are putting money where their mouths are, he said. But the sector ran a little too hot in 2020, as investors went in with borrowed money, he said. In the months since January, investors got out of their positions and that market fell 40 by May.

Now, he said, I think this presents a very interesting opportunity to get on the bus for this trend that is likely to be with us for a good part of the next decade. David Bailin, chief investment officer at Citi Global Wealth, also said that over the next five to 10 years, investors especially younger ones will place an enormous emphasis on sustainable and responsible investing, and not just focus on profits. They will look at how companies treat the environment, employees, and even politics will form part of their investment decision, he told CNBC on Tuesday.

The ability for companies to deal with cybersecurity risks is also part of the whole ESG discussion, Bailin said. Last month, Colonial Pipeline was hit by a cyberattack that forced the company…


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