More than Half of Europeans Want to Replace Lawmakers with AI, Study


A study has found that most Europeans would like to see some of their members of parliament replaced by algorithms. Researchers at IE Universitys Center for the Governance of Change asked 2,769 people from 11 countries worldwide how they would feel about reducing the number of national parliamentarians in their country and giving those seats to an AI that would have access to their data.

The results, published Thursday, showed that despite AIs clear and obvious limitations, 51 of Europeans said they were in favor of such a move. Oscar Jonsson, academic director at IE Universitys Center for the Governance of Change and one of the reports main researchers, told CNBC that theres been a decades long decline of belief in democracy as a form of governance.

The study found the idea was particularly popular in Spain, where 66 of people surveyed supported it. Elsewhere, 59 of the respondents in Italy were in favor and 56 of people in Estonia.

Source FXPro


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