China, Russia Deepen Cooperation


President Joe Biden faces a nightmare scenario of global consequence stepped up ChineseRussian strategic cooperation aimed at undermining U.S. influence and at upending Bidens efforts to rally democratic allies. It is the most significant and underrecognized test of Bidens leadership yet It could be the defining challenge of his presidency.

This past week, Russia and China simultaneously escalated their separate military activities and threats to the sovereignty of Ukraine and Taiwan respectively countries whose vibrant independence is an affront to Moscow and Beijing but lies at the heart of U.S. and allies interests in their regions. Even if Moscows and Beijings actions do not result in a military invasion of either country, and most experts still believe that is unlikely, the scale and intensity of the military moves demand immediate attention. U.S. and allied officials dare not dismiss the certainty that Russia and China are sharing intelligence or the growing likelihood that they increasingly are coordinating actions and strategies.

On China, the annual U.S. Threat Assessment of the intelligence community said China is attempting to exploit doubts about U.S. commitment to the region, undermine Taiwans democracy, and extend Beijings influence. Lost in media coverage of the report was a warning about Russias growing strategic cooperation with China to achieve its objectives. Seen independently, the Chinese and Russia challenges would be a handful for any U.S….


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